Call Centre Skills

What skills do you need to work in a call centre?

Training will cover the essentials but there are some important things to remember that could be more ‘common sense’ than anything:

Stay polite

When dealing with customers remain polite and listen to the caller. Making a genuine effort to help out the customer shows you have a great attitude.

Try not to take what a consumer might say personally.  There will be things that are out of your control such as policy pricing but a consumer may direct their upset towards you. Try to remain calm, even if the customer is rude to you.

Remember this – the consumers who complain are far outweighed by those who have a great experience and receive customer service they love.

Communication is key

Working in a call centre is all about communication.  That includes communicating with consumers as well as staff and managers.  You’ll speak to a whole range of people from different backgrounds during your day.  If you enjoy speaking to different people working in a call centre is a great place for you to do that!

Listen to your Manager

Sounds simple?  Your manager will be under just as much pressure if not more than you are and will have been in exactly the same position you find yourself in once you get into the call centre.  If they tell you something or offer advice it will be for a reason.

Ask for help

If you need help or advice, ask for it! Managers and other staff will be more than happy to answer any questions and offer guidance if you are stuck.  It’s often much easier to ask for help and advice before you potentially make a mistake than it is to rectify a mistake.

Phonetic alphabet

Might sound simple but learn the phonetic alphabet.  This will be covered in training but if you learn it before hand you’ll be off to a flying start!  Do you know what S is, or F?  If not take a look here and learn them.